Selling made easy” is at the heart of our values in Shaikha’s Luxury Closet.

We understand the struggle every girl goes through to afford the newest and hottest trends in the luxury world. At Shaikha’s Closet, we made it easier and smoother to sell your items through offering w ways to monetizing your luxuries; consignment basis or instant cash for your luxury items.

For the consignment option, we offer the highest payout in the market (20% flat commission rate). We do not have any hidden fees or charges and we will make sure we push your item at the best attainable value if you opted for the consignment option.

For the instant cash option, we will work on authenticating your times once received and assessing the value that Shaikha’s Closet would offer. Payments are processed within 8 to 10 working days from an agreement.

For both options, we have 3 simple steps:

1-      Send us clear pictures of your luxury items to Or Whatsapp : +971551198113 Or showing the true color and any areas prone to wear and tear (corners, interior, scratches, handles, chains, etc.)

2-      We will send you an initial offer (subject to review downwards or upwards based on the actual inspection of the items) that includes both options ranges (instant cash and consignment payout estimate). If you agree to the initial offer, we will arrange for the courier to collect the items from your doorstep.

3-      Upon receipt of the items, we will authenticate and inspect the items. We will revise / confirm the offer and move forward with the payment process after confirmation of the final offer (for the instant cash option) or publish the items (for the consignment option).


We believe in fashion! And we work on bridging the gap between “your wishes” and “your closet”.


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